CANNACEA provides superb constituency, purity and efficacy in Hemp supplements full of Love. We honor millennia of traditional Wisdom and cannabis use with the light of modern holistic science. By integrating certified organic methods with progressive sustainable technologies, we keep our products and patrons ascending!

While the roots of CANNACEA had been growing for many years prior, in 2016 our founders revolutionized the wellness of their mother, Tagrid, with prototypes of our unique TAGRID'S 100 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. That challenging journey became their clear inspiration to share such botanical powers with the World.

Researched since 2000
Developed since 2012
Lab-Certified since 2016

CANNACEA has since grown into a passionate team of scientists, Hemp farmers, extractors, engineers, personnel and activists on both sides of the Atlantic, all dedicated to the power, purity and sustainability of Hemp supplements for optimizing your wellness.

CANNACEA weaves together a formidable network of certified organic farms and facilities, ensuring we provide the finest-possible Hemp supplements. We tap into a wide variety of Hemp phytochemical profiles through the differing genetics, geographies and climates of the multiple certified organic farms our organic Hemp comes from. Using this fine selection of organic Hemp varieties we then capitalize on multiple certified organic extractions of the highest quality, each providing a targeted spectrum of active and co-active natural compounds. By applying our state-of-the-art constituency and purity testing system at each stage of our process, we implement the monitoring and control strengths of vertical integration across a flexible and resilient network. In accordance with our quality standards, our network is empowered by multiple cGMP and ISO accreditations. Altogether we ensure you receive the absolute best of what Nature provides, without limitation to specific genotype, chemotype or process.

Our body flows as water
neath shining eyes of Sun
so beings all-ways blossom
in loving peace as One!

- anonymous forest hermit

As we reach and grow with our plants towards the Light, we continue refining our organic Hemp cultivars, formulations, processes, facilities, and partnerships. All the while ensuring the exceptional constituency and purity of our products, for greatest benefit to our prime inspiration: You, our dear family of patrons!

With all the Love in us, our plants, and beyond!