Our special ingredients originate from only two plant species. Our source Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and Macadamia nuts (Macadamia integrifolia) are certified organic, meaning they are certified to be 100% organically cultivated to protect you as well as the environment. This ancient way of agriculture in symbiosis with the biosphere is devoid of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, regulators and other prohibited substances.

CANNACEA Colorado Partner Farm near Rocky Mountains

Our certified organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate are crafted from select Phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp varieties chosen for their broad Phytocannabinoid profile. Both varieties are passionately cultivated by our experienced certified organic partner Hemp farms in Colorado, nestled beside the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Hemp Plants in the Sun

Our certified organic Hemp Essential Oil is distilled from highly-aromatic varieties of EU-registered organic Hemp at our certified organic partner Hemp farm and distillery in France. Kissed by Mediterranean sea breezes and legendary Cote d'Azure sunshine, these Hemp varieties are decades-old lineages we specially select for their extensive well-balanced profile of the key Phytoterpenes in Hemp.

Unripe Macadamia Nuts clustered on tree branch

Our certified organic Macadamia Nuts are organically cultivated in Kenya, infusing the loving heart of its people, richness of its soil, and power of its equatorial sunshine within our supreme, sumptuous carrier oil.