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Laboratory Certificates & Monograph

Welcome to our online center for Quality Assurance and User Safety!

Every carefully crafted batch of our hemp oil supplements has been extensively tested by third-party ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. The complete packet of these Certificates of Analysis, including our detailed summary reports, can be found below our Supplement names with their links listed by Lot ID number.

(Lot Number is stamped on bottle label and box next to "LOT").


AC4M21A (Prod: April 29, 2021 / BestBy: April 2023)


TA10M21A (Prod: April 30, 2021 / BestBy: April 2023)


SUPPLEMENT MONOGRAPH - Full Spectrum Hemp Oils

Please visit our Testing Methods page for more information on the unprecedented breadth and depth of product testing we make available to you.