Frequently Asked Questions


What products do you offer?

We are currently focused on producing the World's finest full spectrum hemp oils. Please visit our Products page for a listing of the hemp oils we currently offer and their details.

How do you make your hemp oils?

Please visit our Production page for details on our production processes.

Do you use solvents in making your hemp oils?

With our health-conscious vision, we only use the safest certified organic methods to produce our rich, certified organic ingredients. For extraction we harness the non-toxic powers of steam distillation, organic ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2). Please visit our Production page for more details on our extraction and production processes.

I have a specific medical condition, which of your products is right for me?

We are not permitted by law to discuss any medical uses of our products. Please discuss using our supplements with your physician. We have developed our Supplement Monograph to help you and your physician better understand if and how to use CANNACEA hemp oils. Please share our Monograph with your physician so they can assist you.

We are also honored the Realm of Caring Foundation, pioneering non-profit for hemp research, education, and advocacy, selected CANNACEA as a Supported Brand meeting their strict quality audit criteria. We are partnered to help support you and your physician to get the best from hemp phytocannabinoid therapy.


Do you provide lab results for your products?

The breadth, depth and quality of our product testing is a prime concern for us. Please visit our Lab Results page for the unprecedented list of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third-party laboratory Certificates of Analysis for our products.

What do you test for?

Your wellness, safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, hence the pioneering intensity of our publicly-available product testing. Please visit our Testing Methods or view our Lab Results for more info.


Do you accept returns and give refunds?

Since your satisfaction is very important to us, we naturally provide ways for returns and refunds. Please visit our Returns and Refunds policy for more info.

How soon after I place my order will you ship it out?

We aim to ship orders placed before noon US Pacific Time within 1 business day (also depending on how long it takes for your card transaction to get "settled" by the payment system), otherwise it can take 2 business days from the date of your order to process and ship it out.  Please visit our Shipping policy for more information about our Shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship to select countries around the World, which selection is affected by our shipping carriers' policy regarding acceptance of exporting Hemp products from the USA into specific countries. Please visit our Shipping policy for more information about our Shipping, including an important notice regarding the admissibility of hemp products imported into other countries from the USA.


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the major phytocannabinoids produced in Hemp. Please visit the CBD section of our Phytocannabinoid science page for details.

What are Phytocannabinoids?

Phytocannabinoids are a special class of natural compounds produced in Hemp. Please visit our Phytocannabinoids science page for more info.

What are Phytoterpenes?

Phytoterpenes are a class of natural volatile compounds produced by plants, with a special set of phytoterpenes produced in Hemp. Please visit our Phytoterpenes science page for more info.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The Endocannabinoid System plays a wonderful role in each of us. Please visit our Endocannabinoid System science page for more info.

What is a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full Spectrum Hemp Oils are the "pinnacle" when it comes to maximizing what a hemp oil can provide. Please visit our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil science page for more info.