Quality Control of Hemp Flower

The ultimate purity of our products begins by ensuring our two sole ingredient sources, Hemp and Macadamia nuts, are organically cultivated since we only source certified organic raw materials and ingredients. These get comprehensively tested for composition and pristine purity, ensuring they encountered no cross-drift of prohibited substances from neighboring conventional farms.

Once our raw materials are approved, certified organic extraction methods take over, combining centuries of botanical alchemy with modern technology. Then, only after passing quality control testing throughout these proprietary processes, production is completed at our USDA Organic and BRC cGMP Certified manufacturing facility, culminating with our rigorous third-party lab testing protocol for every batch of finished product.


For crafting our rich, organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts, organic ethanol at cryogenic temperatures is our method of choice. Ethanol, found throughout Nature and naturally produced in the human digestive tract, has been prized for centuries to extract the highest proportion of a plant's constituents, hence its frequent use in herbal medicine. Taken further, this proprietary process well below water's freezing point makes the extraction more selective of Hemp trichome secretions and minimizes unwanted fats and waxes. This loads our Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts with the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals and other nutrients we target for you. Afterwards, we apply a proprietary vacuum process to gently evaporate the organic ethanol below 0.1% in our pristine extract before further blending, without significant loss of volatile terpenes.

Ethanol's unique extraction power comes by having both a polar and non-polar group in its molecular structure, allowing it to extract both hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds (water-soluble and fat-soluble, respectively). CO2 extraction often utilizes low levels of ethanol to achieve higher yields and capture more of the polar compounds CO2 extracts less efficiently on its own (CO2 is non-polar). While we use CO2 for producing our targeted Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillates, nothing rivals ethanol's nontoxic ability to produce a full spectrum extraction.

Hemp Extraction System

For Tagrid's 100, supercritical and subcritical CO2 are used to produce our ultra-fine organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate (with undetected THC levels).  Using a highly-tuned process, this distillate preserves most of the other phytocannabinoids besides THC, allowing them to maintain ratios to CBD comparable with our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Precise blending with our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract gives Tagrid's 100 a unique 70:1 CBD:THC minimum ratio for sensitive persons requiring intensive supplementation.

To produce our pure, high-complexity organic Hemp Essential Oils, our French master distiller uses a long and slow Hemp steam-distillation, allowing us to capture various spectra of volatiles at specific times of the process. We then formulate this Hemp aromatic exemplar into all our products to ensure they provide an extensive profile of Hemp's key monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and other terpenoids.

Our organic Macadamia Nut Oil carrier is extracted solely via mechanical cold-pressing without the use of any solvents. The reduction of heat during cold-pressing helps preserve the special fatty acid profile, phytosterols and other phytonutrients provided by our unique carrier oil.

Quality Verification

Lab Hemp Oil Sampling

We carefully test all our ingredients (extracts, distillates, essential oils and carrier oils), in-process intermediates and finished product batches for Identity, Potency and Purity by third-party ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.  We publicly share an unprecedented scope of finished product lab testing for your safety, enjoyment and peace of mind. For more details please view our Testing Methods and our finished product Lab Results.

Certified Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is USDA Certified Organic, cGMP Certified under the intensive BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, and FDA Registered. To ensure maximum freshness and oxidation-resistance, our hemp oils are bottled using nitrogen atmosphere. Our products are made in the USA with sustainable certified organic ingredients from the US, EU and Africa.