Environmental Sustainability

Our environment is inextricably woven into us. With the harmony and sheer beauty of Nature, in which human consciousness is but a recent arrival, may we treat Earth with love and reverence!

Sacredness of Earth Mother in Luminous Cosmos

CANNACEA was founded in awe and gratitude for the interconnected Wisdom of all Being. We endeavor that everything we do is aligned with utmost respect for Life and our environment. While always of importance for humanity's health and success, in our modern era sustainability has become paramount for the survival of humans and our biosphere, let alone for us all to thrive!

Environmental Sustainability Commitment

It all begins with our source plants being exclusively certified organic. Not just to ensure our products only bring the best of Life's goodness into your body and mind, but also to guarantee that our cultivation processes are non-toxic and symbiotic with the environment.

We then take our organic raw ingredients and process them solely using certified organic methods. Whether for our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extraction and distillation, our hemp essential oil steam distillation, or our macadamia nut oil cold-pressing, each stage is certified organic and respectful of your well-being as well as the environment's.

The same goes for our final blending and bottling process, which is certified USDA Organic. But it doesn't end there.

  • We only use box packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Certified), so that the creation of our products supports responsible forest management.  Our box packaging is also printed with vegetable-based inks.
  • Our bottle labels are sustainably-produced bioplastic, certified compostable and biodegradable (EN13432 by DIN Certco and ASTM D6868 compliant), and are printed using compostable inks. We source our sustainable and compostable labels from our sustainability partner Pure Labels.

    Pure Labels logo

  • Our dropper bottle glass, plastic caps and rubber bulbs are recyclable to help keep them out of landfills and from harming any land, marine or avian life. So please recycle! And while our compostable bottle labels are "manageable" in the recycling process, they're designed for easy peeling and composting after use, helping reduce landfill greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our shipping packaging is also sustainable, being made from post-consumer recycled paper and board, while also being recyclable. We source our recycled and recyclable shipping packaging from our sustainability partner EcoEnclose.

    sustainable packaging

You can rest assured that, as we continue to hopefully grow and evolve with your like-minded support, so shall the depth of our environmentally-sustainable activities and initiatives...